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Welcome at Studio Draadkracht

Studio Draadkracht is a textile workshop where you can use sewing, lock and industrial machines, cutting tables, haberdashery and pattern sheets. A studio for everyone: from true beginners to the more advanced and starting entrepreneurs. Get started with your own project or ask for professional advice and customised support.


Studio Draadkracht is the place to be for everything that has to do with textiles. A place where you can get inspiration and meet people with the same interest. And of course we have tea and coffee!

Check out what we do:

Sewing café

Courses and workshops

Group events

Repairwork and sewing jobs

Studio for rent

Note: this overview is in English, the rest of the website is in Dutch.

Sewing café

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  • Want to make your own clothes, original bag or laptop sleeve?

  • Work on your own textile project or something to repair?

  • No sewing or other special machines of your own or not available?

  • Don’t have any space at home to be creative in?

Visit our sewing café!
It’s like an internetcafé, but with sewing machines obviously ;). No reservation needed. Expert volunteer present. Various special machines available. Check our opening hours and attractive rates here. For special repairing aid, visit our repair café.

If you prefer knitting or crochet, you’re welcome at our weekly crochet and knitting café.


Courses and workshops

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  • Want to learn sewing not knowing if it’s something for you?

  • You already have sewing experience, but you want to learn more?

Follow a course!

We offer sewing courses, pattern drawing, screen printing on textile, crochet, knitting, and so on. Check our agenda or curssussen en workshops. Or contact the studio for more information.

Group events

Anker 3
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  • Looking for a special event, like a babyshower or childrens party?

  • Want to do something creative with friends or colleagues?

Throw a sewing party!
Studio Draadkracht organizes interesting and fun group events, like babyshowers, teambuilding, or childrens or family parties. Of course the events always involve textile. Have a nice idea for a group event? Contact the studio for the possibilities!

Repairwork and sewing jobs

Anker 4
  • Rather have someone else repair your clothes?

  • Have a sewing job commission that needs to be done?

Bring us your sewing job!

The Studio fixes your repairwork. You can bring it in during our opening hours. Check our rates on repairwork.


We are also available for small edition, low profile commissioned sewing jobs. Think of a promotional gift for relations, a present for employees or decoration for a special event. Find some examples on sewing jobs or contact the studio for the possibilities.

Studio for rent

Anker 5
  • Want to give a course with textile yourself?

  • Need a place where you and others can make clothes and accessories for a theatre,  music, dance performance?

Rent the studio!

Our studio consists of a professional working space with high cutting table, special and industrial machines, working materials, inspirational books as wel as coffee and tea. We have three different spaces: large, small and informal. Check studio rental or contact us for more information.

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